The Cave free promotion is over!

Thank you for downloading my novella, THE CAVE.  All in all, I gave away 152 copies.  Not great, but not terrible by my standards.  If you grabbed one, and you aren’t already on my mailing list, please sign up!  I will give you either THE STRIKER FILES or 14 DARK WINDOWS for free for signing up.  (DIE 6 is going to be my next free promotion, so I won’t give you that one, and I’m assuming you just downloaded THE CAVE.)

Upcoming books include RECIPROCAL EVIL, a short novel featuring a supernatural serial killer, ODD MAN OUT, a novella-length expansion of the short story, and THE NEVER ENDING NIGHT, also a novella about evil in the neighborhood. 

FYI, THE CAVE costs $1.49 if you buy it, so it isn’t like getting it for free will save you a fortune. And I’m still including it as a giveaway for signing up for my mailing list, if you missed the free promotion!

Take care and thank you all!


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