Free Stories

The first story in my collection, 14 DARK WINDOWS, is called GRANDPA.  Feel “free” to give it a read-through…

GRANDPA (click on link to read story)

The second story here is called THE BOOK AND CANDLE PUB.  I wrote this one as a contest entry when I was helping to host a reading/writing forum on Delphi Internet Services (back in the days of dial-up), called, of course, The Book and Candle Pub.  We were challenged to write a story describing the physical location of The Pub, and this was my entry.

THE BOOK AND CANDLE PUB (click on link to read story)

The third story is a bit of fan fiction written back in those same days of The Pub.  It was a challenge or a contest (not sure which) where we were asked to write a story in the world of Stephen King’s THE STAND. I called mine CHOOSING SIDES and used my own location and my own characters, with a couple of references to King’s polar opposites, Abigail Freemantle and Randall Flagg.  Give it a read if you’d like.

CHOOSING SIDES (THE STAND fan fiction) (click on link to read story)