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Some wordage done today!

Hey, I actually feel like I got somewhere with my WIP, a horror novel or novella about an inn in the south.  I stood at something like 20,800 words before today.  Right this minute I am at about 24,150 words.  That’s 3,350 words today!

The story was flying off my fingers as I got past a part that was giving me trouble.  But I think I’m coming up to another part that is going to give me some trouble.  I know where “we” are in the story, and I know who’s going to win, but I have to figure out how it’s gonna happen.  And some of what I wrote will need some extensive editing and rewriting.  But some is pretty good.

Look for an excerpt here, once I finish up.

Take care!


What’s coming…

I have a plan. It’s taking me some time to execute it, but certain things are starting to come together. Like this website, for example. And Deadlock Press, which should be up and running by next weekend. Then comes the publishing.

I plan on starting with short stories. I am going to publish four short stories as soon as I get the publishing company’s business stuff done. They are:

  • Sole Occupant
  • Odd Man Out
  • Jack’o’lantern
  • The Gateway

All are short stories, between 2000 and 3000 words, I believe, which is a little short. So each will come with a bonus short story as well. And more short stories are on the way.

After I get the short stories done, I will be releasing a collection of all of them. I plan on doing a paper version of the collection as well.

Then come the longer works. There are three finished at this point; the shortest is about 27000 words, and the longest is about 45000 words.

Look for the cover art of the short stories here soon. Maybe even later today on a couple of them.

Thanks for looking in!