Monthly Archives: May 2014


My short story, “Playing Man”, was accepted for publication in the anthology QUANTUM ZOO, which will also feature stories by J.M. Ney-Grimm, D.J. Gelner, A.C. Smyth, R.S. McCoy, Bridget McKenna, and John Hindmarsh among others.

“Playing Man” is about company troubleshooter/scientist Jordem Lun, who is sent to the wildlife reserve planet Earth to find out who is sabotaging the company’s monorails.  He has a hidden agenda, however, and when he meets up with Dr. Alnay Snow, he is given the opportunity to address his concerns, while hearing the concerns of Dr. Snow’s organization.  It’s a lush, beautiful Earth, teeming with native life, carefully managed by Dr. Snow’s Department of Preservation.  So what happens when life is left to its own devices?

The anthology is slated for an early June release date in e-book form, and will be released shortly thereafter in trade paperback.

I will post the cover and a more firm release date as soon as I have them.

Watch for it!