New Paperbacks!

Just a quick post to inform anyone reading here that there are four (count ’em!) new physical copies in the Scott Dyson catalogue! (Click on the image to see the book on Amazon!)

First is 3 ON A MATCH, a collection of three novellas. It contains “The Cave”, “The Never Ending Night”, and “The Ghost Train”. (All of those are available in ebook form as well.) MATCH is priced at $13.95.

Second, THE INN has received a physical release! It’s a longish novella priced at $10.95.

Third is RECIPROCAL EVIL, a short novel, also released in paperback! It is also priced at $10.95.

And last, ODD MAN OUT, also a longish novella, is the latest to be released in paperback. Like the others, it is priced at $10.95.

Thank you for looking at them!

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