Monthly Archives: May 2018

Box Unchecked. :-(

The mailing list is not working.  It has to do with the email address I am using. 

I plan on getting it working at some point, but for right now, there is still no list.   At least not one that actually works. 

In other news…nada.  While I do have four new projects ready to go, I have decided to NOT publish any of them until I have the mailing list thing sorted out.  Still working on the Addison Falls horror, the post-apocalyptic story, and the space opera.  Others are on the back burner.  I wish something would grab me, strike my fancy, call out to me to write on it. But nothing has really done so.

Watch this space for the mailing list sign-up information once I get it up and running.  Until then, HAGS  (as the kids say).*

(* have a great summer)