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Here you’ll find some free samples of my writing.  I hope you enjoy!  

The first story in my collection, 14 DARK WINDOWS, is called GRANDPA.  Feel “free” to give it a read-through…

GRANDPA (click on link to read story)

The second story is a bit of fan fiction written back in those same days of The Pub.  It was a challenge or a contest (not sure which) where we were asked to write a story in the world of Stephen King’s THE STAND. I called mine CHOOSING SIDES and used my own location and my own characters, with a couple of references to King’s polar opposites, Abigail Freemantle and Randall Flagg.  Give it a read if you’d like.

CHOOSING SIDES (THE STAND fan fiction) (click on link to read story)

The third story is called THE BAD COP.  Again, it was written back in the Book and Candle Pub days.   It was never a favorite of mine, and I didn’t include it in my collection 14 DARK WINDOWS.  But after rereading, then rewriting it, I thought it wasn’t so bad.  It sort of taps into the fear that the cop who pulls you over isn’t going to be so nice.

THE BAD COP (click on link to read story)

The fourth story here is called THE BOOK AND CANDLE PUB.  I wrote this one as a contest entry when I was helping to host a reading/writing forum on Delphi Internet Services (back in the days of dial-up), called, of course, The Book and Candle Pub.  We were challenged to write a story describing the physical location of The Pub, and this was my entry.

THE BOOK AND CANDLE PUB (click on link to read story)

The fifth story here is called THE GOBLET OF LOST CHICAGO.  It started life as a Chuck Wendig/Terrible Minds writing prompt.  Pick one part of the title from one list, and the second part from another list.  I chose THE GOBLET and LOST CHICAGO, and then wrote a story about a creepy exhibit akin to those things you find at carnivals.  Only this one is in Chicago, just down the street from one of the “el” stops, and if you go in, you don’t always come out…

THE GOBLET OF LOST CHICAGO (click on link to read story)

The sixth story I’ve posted is called CAP’S REWARD.  Yes, it’s Marvel MCU fan fiction.  It does contain spoilers for ENDGAME (the movie), and it has my own interpretation of how time travel works.  I set this as Cap is returning stones to their rightful places in the timeline.  After completing this task, he decides to do something for himself.  Will his actions change the future?  Split off a separate timeline?  Read it if you’re a fan of Marvel and have seen Endgame.

CAP’S REWARD  (click on link to read story)

GIRLFRIEND (click on link to read story)

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