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THE GATEWAY is live on Amazon!

THE GATEWAY, a collection of three short horror stories, is live on Amazon!

The Gateway Cover

You can purchase The Gateway for $0.99. Here’s the description from Amazon:

An imaginative boy discovers that the gateway for all evil has been opened, and his neighbor has been possessed! The fate of the whole world, or at least his neighborhood, is in his hands now. He must act to destroy the Gateway.

A 1500 word short tale of horror.

Contains two bonus stories:

America’s Pastime – a 1300 word short horror story, &

Hot Spot – a 700 word short horror story (dedicated to Dale Vincent Schwitalla)

It also contains an afterword which is sort of a tribute to the person who that last story is dedicated to. To make a long story short, Dale Vincent Schwitalla, known online as “Vinnie”, was a terrific writer of short horror fiction. I always believed his stuff was professional quality in all aspects of his writing. He was published in a handful of online magazines, but was one of those writers who never really loves what he’s written (I think). I depended on Vinnie for critiques of many of my short stories, and had a ton of respect for him as a writer. Hot Spot was written in response to a story Vinnie had written about a serial killer, titled The Butcher. As far as I know, that story is long gone. My own story was originally titled The Baker. Vinnie wrote the logical third story, called The Candlestick Maker, and we had ourselves a nice little trilogy of loosely related stories.

I lost touch with Vinnie when Delphi sort of faded away, and an internet search years later found an obituary for him. Apparently Vinnie had passed away in a motorcycle accident. His family lost a husband and a father, and the world lost a very talented and imaginative horror writer. So Hot Spot is dedicated to Vinnie.

Go check it out if you’re so inclined!!!

Thank you!


Jack’O’Lantern is Live on Amazon!

I’m very excited to announce that JACK’O’LANTERN is live and available for purchase on Amazon!  Here’s the blurb:

Four young wanna-be Halloween vandals are terrorizing the far side of their neighborhood by smash pumpkins, and they encounter a jack’o’lantern that is by far the largest and ugliest pumpkin they’ve seen this night. But this pumpkin is more than it appears to be…

A mild horror short story of about 1300 words.

Contains two bonus stories (NEITHER IS HORROR):

The Moment (about 1500 words) and

Sarah’s Puppy (about 1000 words)

and a short Author’s Note

And the cover:

Jackolantern Cover

Please check it out! It is available for sale for $0.99. Thank you!


Odd Man Out is Live on Amazon!


And then there were two…

Odd Man Out has gone live on Amazon as of today!

Here is the description…

When making their annual visit to a cabin in the woods , Paul and his six friends are prepared for a fun weekend of relaxation, good eats and quality time with their significant others. And they are all looking forward to playing their annual game. But it’s Roger’s turn to choose the game, and who knows what he has in mind?

A short horror tale of approximately 1600 words.

Includes the bonus horror story HOUSE AT THE BEND IN THE ROAD (approximately 1800 words).

You can buy Odd Man Out at Amazon for $0.99!




The Second Cover: Odd Man Out

Here’s a look at my second cover for my upcoming short story, Odd Man Out.  This story will contain the bonus story, The Moment.


The cover was done (again!) by my friend Rich Siegle. Check out Rich’s band, The ExitSpecialists on Facebook, where you can link to their music. (It’s the least I can do in return for Rich!)

Watch this blog for announcements very soon about the publication of these two works!


What’s coming…

I have a plan. It’s taking me some time to execute it, but certain things are starting to come together. Like this website, for example. And Deadlock Press, which should be up and running by next weekend. Then comes the publishing.

I plan on starting with short stories. I am going to publish four short stories as soon as I get the publishing company’s business stuff done. They are:

  • Sole Occupant
  • Odd Man Out
  • Jack’o’lantern
  • The Gateway

All are short stories, between 2000 and 3000 words, I believe, which is a little short. So each will come with a bonus short story as well. And more short stories are on the way.

After I get the short stories done, I will be releasing a collection of all of them. I plan on doing a paper version of the collection as well.

Then come the longer works. There are three finished at this point; the shortest is about 27000 words, and the longest is about 45000 words.

Look for the cover art of the short stories here soon. Maybe even later today on a couple of them.

Thanks for looking in!