THE CAVE is live!

My 25,000 word novella, THE CAVE, is live on Amazon! (Click on the image to link to the file on Amazon…)

The Cave Novella

The Cave Novella

Here is the description:


While exploring the woods near their bike trails, four soon-to-be eighth grade boys make an exciting discovery: a real cave! Of course they decide to explore it, and they make a pact to keep it as their very own secret.

But Steve breaks the pact in order to win the attention of the neighborhood girl that they all dream about: Gina Lawson. To their surprise, Gina wants in on their adventure. As the five of them explore further and deeper, they begin to realize that their cave is not simply a cave – but does the strange pocket of darknesss merely pose serious danger, or does true evil lurk within?

A 25,000 word horror novella mixing teenage exuberance with a touch of the macabre. (Contains adult themes and some adult language.)

It only costs $0.99!  For 25 THOUSAND words!  (maybe a few more, actually.)  Grab it today!


5 thoughts on “THE CAVE is live!

  1. Scott Dyson Post author

    Thanks, Steve! I don’t think you’ll find it that frightening. But don’t let that stop you from uncorking the Jameson’s!

    1. Scott Dyson Post author

      Thanks, Steve! I didn’t read the review yet, will check it out asap! I appreciate your comments!

      ETA: That’s a great review! Thanks, and I’m glad you enjoyed it! A lot of my horror is like that, with elements from many genres. I think the best of King and Koontz does similar things. It’s not all about the monstrous beast; in fact, it might not even be PRIMARILY about that beast. The best stories (this is me with my reader hat on) are about people, relationships, and even places. That’s what I like about your fiction. Great characters and great relationships develop throughout your stories. Anyway, thanks again!

  2. Steven M. Moore

    Yeah, I struggled in my new sci-fi novel (More than Human: The Mensa Contagion–coming soon) to keep my characters human (well, more than human) and not have them drown in the science and technology. I completely agree–sci-fi and other genres are best when the characters are people we can relate too. Still think Koontz is more sci-fi-ish than King. It would be interesting to see the two go at each other in a debate on this issue! (Of course, neither one needs to improve “his brand” with public appearances!)
    Take care.

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