THE INN is live!

I finally did it!  THE INN, my 37,000 word horror/suspense/thriller, is live on Amazon!

Take a look at the cover:

The Inn Cover 4

Here’s the blurb from Amazon:


The Jackson High School Band and student director Kimberly Bouton are making their biennial journey to a music festival in the deep South for fun and educational opportunities. Kim expects to deal with hormonal teenagers, a severe lack of sleep, and long boring bus rides, but the roadside inn where the band stays on their visit hides a sinister secret – and it translates to unimagined horrors for students and teachers alike…

Check into THE INN, where the guests are the entertainment…

It’s not for everyone.  It’s horror (nothing extreme, but people die and such, like in most horror), and it’s the realistic type of horror, not the supernatural type.  But please take a look if you are so inclined.



2 thoughts on “THE INN is live!

  1. Steven M. Moore

    Hi Scott,
    I downloaded The Inn and Mit’s new ebook today. Looking forward to reading both. I think I mentioned to you once upon a time that I played trombone in the HS band. My worst experience was blisters. Every year we’d do the trek to Long Beach to participate in a band contest and, of course, also travel by bus to away games during the football season (half-time performances at ALL games). I often envied the second- and third-string football players who got to sit on the bench–we worked our butts off, both in performance and prep. I’ll make an effort to find the nostalgia among the horror. 😉
    PS. I still have the trombone, but my lip isn’t there anymore.

  2. Scott Dyson Post author

    I don’t know if you’ll care for it, but I hope you’ll like the way I build up to my conclusion.

    Having been on a couple of band trips as a student, I thought I could come up with something. The idea actually started forming in my head after I read a book called TEXT MESSAGE where a horrific situation was set in a mall. I thought about where to set something, and thought of a hotel or a motel. I always look at stuff on the ceiling in those places and wonder if they have cameras installed in rooms, you know, for legal reasons or anything. Of course I’ve always concluded that they don’t, but I thought, what if they really wanted to do so? So that’s where I started fleshing out this story.

    Now, who was I going to have be the terrorized victim? I made her young, pretty, and a student band director. I’m around the band, I know the instruments and something about music, something about the sorts of things they do on those trips, and so the two met — my fictional band and band director, and my inn with the spy gear. See if it goes anywhere that’s worth going…maybe not, but for people who like Text Message, it might…

    Thanks for buying and reading!

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