RICK’S RULES is free 6/3 through 6/5!

A quick post to let you know that my 9000+ word short story, RICK’S RULES, is free through Sunday, starting tomorrow (6/3/16).

Here’s the blurb:

Rick Striker thinks he’s put enough distance between him and his foes. He likes the bar he’s temping at and he really likes the young lady he’s met in this new town. But trouble has a way of finding him, and the vampires don’t care who they eliminate in their quest to find the detective.

It’s time for Rick Striker to go home. Time to confront both his fears and his foes. Time to use all of Rick’s Rules in order to come out on top.

RICK’S RULES is a 9200 word short story and is the final story of the “trilogy” that began (chronologically) with the events in NIGHT FAMILY and continues in the story DEAD OR ALIVE.

Also contains a sample of NIGHT FAMILY and a brief author’s note.


Please download it if you’re so inclined.  It is the third story of its trilogy, but I think it stands alone okay.


4 thoughts on “RICK’S RULES is free 6/3 through 6/5!

  1. Scott Dyson Post author

    You did. Thanks! So far I’ve given away…wait for it…2 copies! What can you do?

  2. Steven M. Moore

    I discovered yesterday something that might affect many authors–a website offering pirated copies of my book The Golden Years of Virginia Morgan. This site is dark–you can’t put the URL in and get there–but you can go there…through Google! I’ll make a full report on my discovery this next Friday in my blog. The bottom line: jerks are out there who are pirating ebooks, and Google is doing nothing about it!

  3. Scott Dyson Post author

    I take it you disagree with Konrath on pirating, then? Is that the only one of your books that you’ve found on such a site?

    On another note, I gave away a whole 10 copies of Rick’s Rules. Very little promotion ( I started the promotion on Friday and left town on Saturday), one post on Facebook and this blog post plus a post on a horror forum in the appropriate location on Goodreads. So I wasn’t expecting much. Thinking of pulling all three of those stories and the collection in favor of a new, more cohesive version of the story. I’m working on that and the other three releases as time permits.

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