New book from Steven M. Moore!

New Release Alert!

ROGUE PLANET by Steven M. Moore is now available from Amazon for the extremely reasonable price of $2.99!  I hope I’m not speaking out of turn, but I had the honor of being one of the beta readers for this book, and I can tell you that it is really good!  Set in Moore’s future Chaos Universe, it tells the story of a backwater planet that has developed into a theocracy, with terrible results.

Go get it now!

(And yes, I am still here…)


One thought on “New book from Steven M. Moore!

  1. Steven M. Moore

    Hi Scott,
    You’re not speaking out of turn.
    FYI for your blog readers: being a beta-reader is a thankless job where volunteers serve as guinea pigs so that an author can determine how readers might react to the book when it’s released. Stephen King called them “first readers” in ON WRITING; they’re like beta-testers of software. They look for logical glitches (the escape car changed from blue to red during the chase?), and most often catch a few remaining editing errors too. They’re important contributors in any author’s publishing team.
    So, thanks Scott, for being a beta-reader! And thanks for the good promo words.
    Note: the ebook is $2.99 and available in all formats (Amazon + Smashwords); the paper version will be $9.99 (Create Space).

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