Steven M. Moore titles on sale

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Steven M. Moore has two of his books (the Mary Jo Melendez books) on sale through this weekend,  only via Smashwords.  From his website:

Last weekend! The “Mary Jo Melendez Mysteries” are on sale. Mary Jo is inviting you to celebrate with her for leaving Amazon exclusivity and appearing on Smashwords too. She’s an ex-USN Master-at-Arms who manages to get into a lot of trouble as a civilian; she also manages to beat the odds and survive, though. Muddlin’ Through (Smashwords coupon code KY27A) is an international thriller where she works to clear her name and pay back the group that framed her. In the process, she discovers the MECHs, Mechanically Enhanced Cybernetic Humans, and romance as she runs around the U.S., South American, and Europe. Silicon Slummin’…and Just Gettin’ By (Smashwords coupon code VT64E) takes place almost exclusively in the Silicon Valley where she has two government groups pursuing her, one U.S., the other Russian. She also has a stalker on a revenge mission. Both books, normally $2.99, are $0.99 on Smashwords, using the coupon codes, until August 1—lots of entertaining summer reading for $2!

I’ve read them and I enjoyed both.  If you’re looking for a couple of good reads for $1.98, give them a look-see.


One thought on “Steven M. Moore titles on sale

  1. Steven M. Moore

    Thanks so much for the plug. The coupons are a wee bit clumsy compared to Amazon’s Whispernet, but readers don’t even have to snip them out of circulars, etc., so this shouldn’t be a problem…and they have access to all ebook formats via Smashwords, including Kindle. This retailer is NOT pushing Kindle devices, so readers with Nooks and iPads or iPhones have direct access to my books.
    On Monday, 8/1, The Golden Years of Virginia Morgan goes on sale for 99 cents, reduced from $2.99 (another 67% discount). The coupon code is: FU54W.
    Readers can receive ANY ebook in my catalog for free in exchange for an honest review. To sweeten the deal, the reviewer can choose another freebie too–just a thank you for being a reviewer. Email queries are accepted for this.
    Enough of flagrant commercialization!
    And thanks again.

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