What can you expect to find here?

Well, according to most of the spam I get, you can expect to find “excellently reliable information that I will return often to be able to read and interact.”


Okay, that’s enough of that.

So what do I actually blog about?   I don’t exactly have a theme.  I’m a writer, but I rarely blog about the writing process.  I’ve never really taken courses in fiction writing.  What I know is what I know from my own reading.  I’ve read a lot, and fairly broadly.  I read cozy mysteries, hard-boiled mysteries, suspense thrillers, science fiction, fantasy, horror, young adult, middle grade, comedy, biography, political analysis (though not much), economic analysis (also not that much), and even a bit of romance now and then.  (I confess that I’ve read Nora Roberts and Diane Gabaldon among others.)

I like movies,but these days I see so few that I rarely blog about them.  I tend to like most everything, so I’m a terrible reviewer.  I doubt that people can form too many opinions from reading about my reactions to films.  Maybe some, but as I said, I am mostly positive about stuff I watch.

I read a lot, so I tend to put up book reports/reviews on here.  When I find a new author, or read something that I enjoy (which is a lot of stuff) I like to share it.  Whether anyone’s reading it is another story.

I love music, have played music most of my life, and have listened to a wide variety of music pre-2K.  (Some of the stuff I hear these days doesn’t much sound like music, and there is so much stuff out there now that I’ve never heard of…)  I don’t often blog about music, but I will bet that for every new artist that I haven’t heard of, I can name one that hardly anyone else has heard of.

So, in answer to that title question, it’s not really about any of those things…but it could be about any of those things on a given day, in a specific post.

Mostly I want to make people aware about what I’m publishing, and since I haven’t put anything new out since last spring (2015), I haven’t posted too much.  (But look for something coming up…including the addition of a newsletter, as soon as I can take enough time to figure out how to do it.)

But every so often I’ll get on a roll and post a bunch of stuff about something that interests me.  Hopefully it interests someone else as well!


PS:  A post-apocalyptic novel from author M.P. McDonald, INFECTION, is free today!  If you like that sort of thing, she’s a very good author and it promises to be an interesting story!  I just downloaded it myself…

One thought on “What can you expect to find here?

  1. Steven M. Moore

    Hi Scott,
    I love the first three lines. I would have said “spam folder,” though, after checking it. Emails you might want can end up there automatically, and you’d be eliminating them, for example. You probably know that, but maybe your readers don’t.
    The problem is when you’re not sure. You might wonder, “Is this something interesting?” and try to open the email. Neither your spam filter nor Windows Defender (or Norton or whatever) might not catch nefarious hidden code.
    And we both know WordPress is susceptible to many of these problems too.
    This is a bit off-track, I’ll admit, so back to your point: I like what you put up, so keep doing it. My only complaint: my TBR list has grown because of you! 🙂

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