Mail list up and running!

The mailing list is finally up and running!  So you can click on the link over there to your right and join if you’re so inclined.

Please sign up!  I promise not to spam you with tons of unsolicited emails.  Things I will email you about: 

  • New Releases
  • Sales or Free Promotions
  • New Blog Posts, occasionally, if I think it’s worthy of attention
  • Other releases by indie authors that I like and have read

To sign up, use this link:  Scott Dyson Books

Other ways to keep up with me besides reading this blog:

If you read this post and sign up for the list, I will gift you a free Kindle ebook from the following titles:

  • DIE 6

When you sign up, please use the “Contact Me” page to tell me which book you want. 

I have a few new releases almost ready to come out, so look for them in the very near future! 

Thank you in advance for signing up!


3 thoughts on “Mail list up and running!

  1. Scott Dyson Post author

    If you’re missing DIE 6, I can send it to you. I like the stories in there; I’m really proud of a couple of them!

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