The Cave has been reissued!

Maybe that’s a bit too grand — it really hasn’t been reissued, it’s just been cleaned up and given a new cover. 

It’s still a bargain at $1.49.  It tells the story of four neighborhood boys who like to ride bikes and on their adventures, they discover a cave.  But it’s not exactly a cave — it’s something more sinister.  And it’s looking for something from them.  Something guaranteed to give them nightmares.

Here’s the new cover: 

The Cave


You can buy this 25 thousand word novella at Amazon at this link:  THE CAVE

Thanks for checking it out!


3 thoughts on “The Cave has been reissued!

  1. Scott Dyson Post author

    You (and he) are welcome! The story was quite good, not too different from what I had read before, but with enough extra material to flesh it out nicely!

    Seeing what I can do about getting some visibility.

  2. Steven M. Moore

    Ah, visibility, AKA name recognition. When you figure out how to do that, let me know. I’m very visible to authors, especially now that I’m on Twitter; readers, not so much. Too many good books and good authors, I guess. Keep truckin’, man!

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