DIE 6 is no longer free…but you can still buy it for $0.99!

So I gave away 54 copies of DIE 6, a book that hasn’t really sold much, no matter how proud I am of the stories in it.  One of my favorites, titled “Blood Ties,” was a fun and fast write.  I dreamed the premise.   I remember the dream vaguely now, just that it was about someone asking a ghost about where some buried loot was or something like that.  When I woke up, I made a mental note of the idea, and later started writing it. 

The story is that this psychic is in trouble with a loan shark and stumbles across a magazine article that talks about a bank robbery from the 1920’s.  After a little investigation, he finds that the suspect (who was never jailed for it) is dead, killed in a hit and run accident (an unusual event back when cars were new, I’d guess, but pedestrians definitely got killed in accidents back then).  So he starts to research it, and visits the guy’s grave, where he meets a beautiful young lady who turns out to be the robber’s great-granddaughter.  From there, it was pure fun.  I tried to write my main character with more than a little snark in his attitude, but with a good heart.  My loan shark bad guy is a caricature, for sure.  But he was fun to write as well.

I also included one about the Tooth Fairy being caught by an adolescent who is late losing his baby teeth.  That one’s short (about 2500 words) but it was fun to imagine the world of the Dentata (the tooth fairy race).  I read something like it on Reddit not too long ago, but I thought mine was still better! 

Three of them were written for a contest back in the Delphi days.  Ancient history, perhaps.  Two of them were sort of SF, one with transferring one’s being to the computer, and the other with time travel.  The computer-y one was very dated and took a lot of rewriting, almost to the point where it was a new story.  The time travel one worked for the most part as it was.  So did the horror story, THE GHOST TRAIN, set in Addison Falls, our shared setting back in the Horror Discussion Group (Custom Forum #235) days of Delphi.  Of course, all of these were edited for style, grammar, and length (most became longer). 

Anyway, I always felt that DIE 6 deserved at least a few readers.  Now it has at least 54 potential new readers, presuming that most of them read something they downloaded for free.

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